Redefining Financial PR

Outcomes-focused integrated PR & IR agency

We know Financial PR for Small and Mid-cap London-listed companies needs to improve. We are setting about shaking up the industry.

Redchurch Communications was founded by investment and media professionals with decades of experience delivering the investment case of listed companies to a broad audience of investors.

Our approach is focused on maximising engagement with all stakeholders through strategic multi-channelled communications. Our expertise lies in the effective delivery of crucial messages with clear outcome-driven aims.

AIM & Small Cap

More than consultants

Redchurch is run by a team with frontline experience of the financial markets and direct access to leading investment publications and a substantial network of investors.

Our Services


Financial PR

Redchurch’s mission is to secure effective communication channels and deliver on your strategic goals.


Media Relations

We have unrivalled access to growth company-focused investment publications.


Social Media

Growth company investors are increasingly using social media for investment idea origination and validation.


Investor Relations

Understanding the needs of different types of investors is critical to effect relations.